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Preface  [Preliminary pages]
Chapter  Page 
Silver and Gold before the Nineteenth Century
II  Some Quantitative Aspects of Silver
III  Bimetallism in the United States, 1793-1873 18 
IV  Bimetallism in France and the Latin Monetary Union 25 
The Demonetization of Silver in Europe 30 
VI  The Silver Question in the United States, 1873-1893 36 
VII  International Monetary Conferences 45 
VIII  The Abandonment of silver by the United States, 1893-1900 55 
IX  Silver and India before 1892 65 
Indian Currency Reforms, 1892-1914 75 
XI  Silver and China 86 
XII  Business in China under the Silver Standard 101 
XIII  The Change from Silver to Gold Standards in Asia and Latin America 108 
XIV  Proposals for Monetary Reform in China 131 
XV  The Wartime Rise in the Price of Silver, 1915-1920 135 
XVI  The Postwar Decline in the Price of Silver, 1920-1933 140 
XVII  The Pittman Act of 1918 145 
XVIII  Decreased Use of Silver in Coinage 151 
XIX  The Effect of the World War on the Indian Currency System 166 
XX  Postwar Changes in the Indian Currency System 174 
XXI  Chinese Trade and Currency During and After the World War 195 
XXII  The Effect on China of the Fall in the Price of Silver, 1929-1933 207 
XXIII  Proposals to Do Something for Silver, 1923-1933 224 
XXIV  The Arguments for Doing Something for Silver 236 
XXV  Silver under the New Deal, 1933 244 
XXVI  The Silver Purchase Act of 1934 257 
XXVII  The Execution of the Act, 1935 282 
XXVIII  The Effect of American Silver Policy on China, 1934 and 1935 293 
XXIX  The Abandonment of the silver Standard by China 313 
XXX  Developments in the Silver Situation, 1936-1939 327 
XXXI  Summary and Conclusions 344 

Source of Data for Chart 1 353 
II  Current Data 355 
III  The Computation of Parity Constants 358 
IV  Coinage Ratios and Bullion Parities of Silver Coins 362 
World Consumption of Silver, 1920-1938 367 
VI  Distribution of World's Gold and Silver in 1933 368 
VII  Text of Part of Thomas Amendment to the Agricultural Adjustment Act, Approved May 12, 1933 372 
VIII  The London Silver Agreement of July 22, 1933 374 
IX  President Roosevelt's Silver-Purchase Proclamation of December 21, 1933 377 
Extract from President Roosevelt's Message to Congress of January 15, 1934, Recommending Legislation on Gold 379 
XI  Text of Pittman Amendment to Gold Reserve Act of 1934 381 
XII  President Roosevelt's Message to Congress of May 22, 1934 Recommending Legislation on Silver 382 
XIII  The Silver Purchase Act of 1934 384 
XIV  President Roosevelt's Proclamation of August 9, 1934 Authorizing the Mints to Receive Silver Situated in the Continental United States on that Date 389 
XV  President Roosevelt's Executive Order of August 9, 1934 Requiring the Delivery of Silver to the United States Mints 391 
XVI  Recorded Monthly Net Exports of Silver from China, 1933-1938 394 



Index of Names 427 
General Index 432