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AUTHOR INDEX for Cowles Publications
This index includes most of the publications listed below, except Preliminary Papers (CFPPs), and Faculty Books

Cowles Foundation Discussion Papers (CFDPs), 1955–Present
All papers are available on-line, abstracts are available when present.

Cowles Commission/Foundation Papers (CFPs), 1943–Present
This series contains reprints of published articles and contributions to books. Papers for the years 1943–1999 are available on-line, 2000-present may be ORDERED from the Cowles Librarian.

Cowles Commission/Foundation Monographs, 1934–1981
Monographs 2-27 are available on-line

Cowles Foundation Preliminary Papers (CFPPs), 1961–1994
These papers, if a copy exists, may be requested from the Cowles Library by Email (please put "Preliminary Paper Request" in the Subject Line)

Cowles Commission/Foundation Special Papers, Publications, and Selected Articles, 1933–Present
Important publications, articles, and papers not included in any of the series listed here, most are available on-line

Cowles Commission Discussion Papers, 1947–1955
Most papers are available on-line. (These were scanned from the original "blue" mimeographed copies, so some pages may be very faint or nearly illegible.)

Cowles Commission/Foundation Research Reports, 1932–1996
These reports chronicle research activities of the research staff and include publications, conferences, and biographical and bibliographical notes.

Faculty Books
Books by past and present faculty members. Prefaces, Contents, Forewords, Introductions, and/or Book Reviews are available on-line.
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