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The Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics at Yale University has as its purpose the conduct and encouragement of research in economics and related fields. The Foundation seeks to foster the development and application of rigorous logical, mathematical, and statistical methods of analysis.

Among its activities, the Cowles Foundation provides financial support for research, visiting faculty, postdoctoral fellowships, workshops, and graduate students. Cowles regularly sponsors conferences and publishes a working paper series,  a reprint series, and research monographs.

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2013 Nobel Prize Winner: Robert Shiller

Professor Robert Shiller of the Cowles Foundation, along with Eugene Fama and Lars Hansen of the University of Chicago, have won the 2013 Nobel Prize for their work on the empirical analysis of asset prices.
Read more: Yale News, Press Release from nobelprize.org, and Nobel Laureates with connections to Cowles

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April 25-27: 10th Annual GE Conference
June 2-6: Cowles Summer Conferences
   June 2-3: Econometrics
   June 2-3: Macroeconomics
   June 4-5: Structural Microeconomics
   June 5-6: Economic Theory


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